PIERRE - The Vintage Apron

Hi, I'm Pierre. The owner of The Vintage Apron.

Through-out the mandates I have been serving all, welcoming all, and chose not to discriminate against those who choose not to disclose their private medical information.

On the 16th of January, I was violently arrested in front of patrons at my cafe Vintage Apron in Capalaba by 3 police who came in 5 police cars.

The crime? To not discriminate against my customers based on their medical records. I was locked up and will have to front court. I have also been evicted from the premises due to not requiring your private medical information and being a non discriminatory business. Your help is greatly appreciated in fighting the good fight!

I now have to vacate the premises and restore the shop back to the empty, original state which will be costly and find storage for my equipment while I have lawyers help to fight the charges. I'm overwhelmed at the community response in support and look forward to the next chapter. 

With heart felt thanks, Pierre.


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**Note: If you have donated to the Go Fund Me page that Mitch has created (HERE), he has been transferring the funds as they come in. Thank you!**